Top 8 rules for holiday makers

It`s summer time, isn`t it?
Yes, indeed! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the world seems to be a bit greener.

Are you going on holiday ?
 Wherever you go, you should always remember about

The Top 8 rules for holiday makers

1 Before you choose your destination, check if there is a way out.

Before you choose your destination, check if there is a way out

2 If you want to relax in a quiet place, you should AVOID CROWDED holiday resorts.

3 Don`t forget to take an umbrella with you. Weather forecasts tend to be extremely unreliable.

4 You shouldn`t blindly follow the local rules! Sometimes it may be a bit dangerous!

5 Watch your possessions- thieves are everywhere!

6 If you can`t swim, jumping off a springboard is probably not a good idea!

7  If you want to pay a visit to a local ZOO, don`t feed animals! It may be disastrous (for themsmiley)

8 Do a pee before you set off on a trip- some places have very few toilets!

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